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my new moo cards

These are the Moo Mini Cards.  They come in such cute little boxes 🙂

I also got a set for school with a qr code on the back to get more parents reading my class blog.

my moo cards for school


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Moo cards

I just ordered two sets of Moo mini cards, one for my customization business and one for back to school to hand out to parents and students.  I love their little cards and I have a growing collection of ones from individuals I’ve bought from.  I love that you can just import photos from Flickr, makes it so easy.  I was even able to add a qr code to my back to school ones since my goal is to get more students and parents visiting our classroom blog.

In case you don’t know what a qr code is:

I use google’s url shortner to make mine.  Use it to shorten a url then press details and it gives you the picture.

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