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Its taken forever but I finally finished another commission.  The weather has been awful here, raining every afternoon, so since I’ve gone back to work my time to work on commissions has been cut short and the rain doesn’t help.  I just finished two more Fairyland heads, a pukifee hamster and a multihead cupid.

pukifee hamster 1
multihead cupid 1


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minifee chloe vampire

I finally finished opening the eyes of my chloe ve head.  Its not something I’m in any hurry to repeat, way too much work.  I finished her faceup and while I wanted to make her look dark and a little dead its not exactly what happened.  I did do quite a bit of blue grey blushing and a bit of yellow, I also blushed her chest piece, hands, and feet.  However when I sat down to do her features she just turned out with a sweet and maybe a little sad expression.  I’m really happy with her, now she just needs her clothes.  I ordered a corset from Raouken on Den of Angels and it should be in next week and then I can finish her skirt.  I don’t know when her wig will be in yet.  The picture is not the best, it was late in the day and I had to turn on all the lights and open the window to get enough light.

lunetta 2

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I got all the Fairyland girls out for pictures the other day.  Běla got a new outfit.  I originally made it for one of the Soom teenie gems I have but it fits the littlefee better.  I just lucked out that I happened to have socks that matched.

Here are some of my favorites:

bela 062611-7

lenka and bela 062611-2

lenka and bela 062611-1

eliska and bela 062611

lenka 062611-7

lenka 062611-1

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I finally got a chance to do the faceup on my new pukifee luna.  I knew I wanted freckles since she will eventually have red hair.  I’m not a fan of the default faceup so I wanted something very soft and natural for her.  I haven’t seen a whole lot of custom lunas yet.

eliska 032611-2

I’m happy with how the freckles came out but they are a pain to photograph.  I used a magnifying ring for the front of my camera lens but that shortens the depth of field so she’s not all in focus.  Also I think the focus spot on my lens is off center.

eliska 032611-1

She is a dream to pose.  I did have to suede her neck to keep her head from tilting back.

eliska reading 032611-1

eliska sleeping 032711-1

She’s the only doll that I have the sleeping face for, so cute!

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New dolls arrived (disapointment)

After checking the tracking this morning, I thought the dolls wouldn’t come until tomorrow but the box arrived today.  Unfortunately the minifee rheia has a crack in her breast piece 😦

Denver Doll Emporium was so good though.  Minutes after I had emailed them they got back to me to say that they would get me a replacement piece!  I love good customer service.

My plan was to share what I do with a new doll from cleaning to sueding to faceup and clothing.  Well that has kinda got messed up since I won’t bother taking her apart until the new piece comes in.  I can go ahead and show some though.

Today I started fixing the mohair wig.  After wetting the wig and wrapping the doll’s head in plastic, I curled sections of the hair around pipe cleaners.


It will take until tomorrow to dry and then I can start on her faceup.

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mnf lishe 1

I was finally able to finish the mnf lishe today.  This one is another reminder of how much I like white skin dolls.  I’m beginning to wish that I had ordered my rheia in white skin.  Minifee heads are really easy to paint.  The sculpts are high quality and the features are nicely shaped.

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