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I’ve been busy this summer.  It seems that as soon as I finish the work on one doll another one arrives.

Here is the Soom Beyla with fantasy parts I did.  This was the first time I have been commissioned to do the fantasy parts.  They take a lot of time and use up a lot of my MSC.

beyla 1

And I just finished this minifee chloe.  I’m so happy with how she turned out.

chloe 2


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desk area

I’m spending tonight working on a commission.  I would have liked to be further along with this one but with the rainy weather earlier this week I didn’t want to chance spraying the MSC.

Blushing on dolls with tan skin takes so much longer to build up the color, sealing in between coats so everything stays nice and soft.  Here she is in a very preliminary state.

bobobie preview

I have more work to do around the eyes and in the ears and I think the cheeks need a bit more color.

Tomorrow I’m going to IDEX.  I missed it last year so I hope to post soon on all I see.

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