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my new moo cards

These are the Moo Mini Cards.  They come in such cute little boxes 🙂

I also got a set for school with a qr code on the back to get more parents reading my class blog.

my moo cards for school


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Moo cards

I just ordered two sets of Moo mini cards, one for my customization business and one for back to school to hand out to parents and students.  I love their little cards and I have a growing collection of ones from individuals I’ve bought from.  I love that you can just import photos from Flickr, makes it so easy.  I was even able to add a qr code to my back to school ones since my goal is to get more students and parents visiting our classroom blog.

In case you don’t know what a qr code is:

I use google’s url shortner to make mine.  Use it to shorten a url then press details and it gives you the picture.

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Shopping trip

Home from Michael’s. I needed brush cleaner but they didn’t have any small bottles. Good thing I had a coupon. 32 oz should last me a while.


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Check out Doll-Lite for an interview I did for them.

If you haven’t visited them before they have some great interviews with artists and craftspeople working in the doll hobby.


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new macbook pro

I came home from visiting my mom for Christmas, turned on my computer… and nothing, all I got was a gray screen and apple logo  it never went any further than that.  The next day I battled traffic, got to the apple store and waited an hour an half while the apple genius tried this and that to make my computer work.  Turns out the video card went bad, well the computer’s almost five years old so instead of repair I got a new one.

macbook pro 13 inch

The migration went fine and I am once again connected to the world.

macbook pro 13 inch

Of course now I’m not sure what to do with the old computer.  I might give it to my mom, she lives near a larger city and might have other repair options that wouldn’t cost so much.  Then she could have a newer computer (she currently is using a mac that’s over ten years old).

A nice thing about a laptop is I can bring it into school.  For the first time in two years I can show my students podcasts again (we are not allowed itunes on our computers at school.  They also don’t allow us to stream any video).

This is my favorite one to show Cool Hunting.  I show the art ones to my students.  I have to expand their world beyond Polk county.

Time for a nap…

macbook pro 13 inch

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Cleaning :P

I have been cleaning one room for two days and I’m not quite done yet.  You know that extra bedroom that becomes a catch all for anything you don’t know what to do with for the moment.  It hasn’t been cleaned since last summer, there’s just no time during the school year.  I just felt that I needed to do it now, every time I walked by it I just got depressed and then couldn’t accomplish anything else.  Well now you can see the floor! You can actually walk into the closet and I can see the surface of my work table.  I haven’t got to my computer desk or the file cabinet yet but I can finish that tomorrow.  Four bags of trash and I feel good.  Here’s a pic of my re-organized closet and the bins of doll fabric and supplies.


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I have put up two dresses on DOA to sell.  They are both sized specifically for minifee.  We’ll see how it goes.

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