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It’s been about a month since I got my iPhone. Since pretty much everyone I know has a smartphone I guess it was my turn. I’ve been using it for photos more than anything else. Instagram is my favorite app right now. Here are some of my favorite pics so far.




I promise to update on doll stuff soon, been working on several commissions.


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favorite things

  1. left over christmas cookies from the freezer
  2. my new macbook pro
  3. wonderful student aides so I don’t have to make my own copies 🙂

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favorite things.

Inspired by Starla(dear) I am going to start my favorite things for the week.

Favorite things.

  1. Handmade cards – on Friday I received several handmade cards from my art students, these are the types of things I like to keep from year to year
  2. Shrimp Fried Rice – my AP art class had a party on Thursday and one student brought in shrimp fried rice, the homemade stuff not at all like the yucky take out.
  3. Glittery, Shiny ornaments – I got a whole bunch at Walmart and they have now become this years wreath for my front door.
  4. Rainy Mornings – sleeping in real late on Saturday as it rained all morning.

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