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pipos cheshire 3

This is the 3rd anthro doll I’ve done and I think its my favorite.  You can’t resist that smile.

I’ve added to my faceup thread on DOA that I will blush paws or manicure hands for free with a faceup commission.


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mnf lishe 1

I was finally able to finish the mnf lishe today.  This one is another reminder of how much I like white skin dolls.  I’m beginning to wish that I had ordered my rheia in white skin.  Minifee heads are really easy to paint.  The sculpts are high quality and the features are nicely shaped.

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Finished the pukipuki.

pukipuki pipi 2

Pukipuki Pipi is such a cute sculpt.  Looks like a sweet child but maybe one who could give you some sass.  The eyelashes on this one killed me, even my 100/0 arteje brushes were really too big (I really need a cat whisker).  For those that don’t know, the pukipuki faceplate is just over an inch across.  That makes for tiny work.

Her owner liked her so she’s out in the mail tomorrow.

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Another faceup finished.

kdf cherry 1

I love how this one came out.  I’m a real fan of the lighter faceups and I like the look of the white eyebrows and lashes.  She heads home to her owner soon, I hope this face fits her character.

Up next is a Chocopuki Pipi:

chocopuki pipi before 1

He’s so cute!

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faceup progress

This weekend I’ve been working on the kid delf cherry commission.  I’ve got the blushing done on her.

kdf cherry 2

Her owner wants a very light faceup, almost ethereal.  She is kinda a ghost child.  She will have white eyebrows and lashes and just a bit of silver on her eyelids.

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all washed and ready for faceup

kdf cherry

Here is the new commission, Kid Delf Cherry.  This one’s cute.  She’s going to be all light with blues and silvers, she’s a bit of a ghost.

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