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I got all the Fairyland girls out for pictures the other day.  Běla got a new outfit.  I originally made it for one of the Soom teenie gems I have but it fits the littlefee better.  I just lucked out that I happened to have socks that matched.

Here are some of my favorites:

bela 062611-7

lenka and bela 062611-2

lenka and bela 062611-1

eliska and bela 062611

lenka 062611-7

lenka 062611-1


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I got my shipping notice for the two dolls I ordered back in December.  Waiting this long has killed me.  While waiting I have purchased a couple things for their arrival.

These dresses were made by Honeythorpe.  She makes the cutest little dresses for pukifee and littlefee.

pukifee dresses

Here are some of the fabrics I got for a dress for my new minifee rheia.  The shoes I’ve had for a long time.

new fabrics and shoes

I was hoping the dolls would come before this week so I could do some sewing over spring break.  Maybe they’ll arrive on Saturday.

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new look for Běla

This past weekend I worked on my littlefee bisou.  First she got a new faceup.
bisou 10111-2

I’m so happy with this one, her eyebrows are finally what they should be, and I really like her lips.

Then she got a new dress.
běla 010211-1

This was the first time I’ve sewn sleeves.  They are such a pain.

I think it suits her.

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The wigs arrived!

I love mohair wigs, so much that that’s what all my dolls have.  I like the ones by tinybear (on DOA) but I have to remember to be prepared to wait a really long time.  Well here are my two new dolls, Luna and Terra.
syens 4

I’m really happy with how the colors turned out.  These are the first dolls that I kinda set a certain look for and actually completed it.  The horns are the perfect size now that she has her wig.

terra 3

luna 1

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Faceup finished.

Yesterday I finished the faceup and blushing for my Syen.

syen faceup 1

I’m happy with how it turned out, even the eyebrows.  I have so much trouble with eyebrows.

syen faceup 4

I also did her gargoyle feet.  Originally I wanted her to be grey and pink but the grey wasn’t showing up well so she’s a little blue.  Still waiting on her wig…

This was the latest dress I made.  I am never making little puff sleeves like this again!

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She came today so much earlier than I expected.
soom syen

I love her gargoyle feet and wings.  I haven’t made up my mind about the horns but they are growing on me, but I don’t like the gargoyle hands, they almost seem too big for her.
soom teenie gem

These are some of the dresses I have been making, the one on the left isn’t finished yet.  I’m going to have a couple of bald creatures for a while as their wigs have not arrived.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the Ai head (seen on the left doll) or use the open-eyed Syen.

I’m very happy with Syen, though her vampire head will need some sanding before I do her faceup, its a bit rough.

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New Fabrics.

I stopped into Joanne’s just to get some thread and I had to walk by the fat quarters.  Normally I get all my fabric at the local quilting store, they tend to have nicer fabrics but I couldn’t pass these up.  Not that I actually needed them.  I’ve already made a dress for my Soom Teenie Gem out of the first two colors on the left.  I’ll post pics of what I’ve been sewing as soon as I have a wig for her, she looks a little strange bald.

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