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Check out Doll-Lite for an interview I did for them.

If you haven’t visited them before they have some great interviews with artists and craftspeople working in the doll hobby.



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I finally got a chance to do the faceup on my new pukifee luna.  I knew I wanted freckles since she will eventually have red hair.  I’m not a fan of the default faceup so I wanted something very soft and natural for her.  I haven’t seen a whole lot of custom lunas yet.

eliska 032611-2

I’m happy with how the freckles came out but they are a pain to photograph.  I used a magnifying ring for the front of my camera lens but that shortens the depth of field so she’s not all in focus.  Also I think the focus spot on my lens is off center.

eliska 032611-1

She is a dream to pose.  I did have to suede her neck to keep her head from tilting back.

eliska reading 032611-1

eliska sleeping 032711-1

She’s the only doll that I have the sleeping face for, so cute!

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Doing a faceup on a BJD.

In this post I’m going to share the process I use when doing a doll’s faceup.  Just a warning its a little long with lots of pictures.  I’m using my new minifee rhiea for this example.  I took pictures along the way while doing her faceup last night and I’ve combined a couple of steps into one picture or this post would have gone on forever.

To start with these are my materials:

Rembrandt Pastels and assorted brushes and Golden liquid acrylics.

pastels paints

I also use Golden Retarder, Liquitex High Gloss Varnish, and Liquitex Flow Aid.


Here we have the blank head that has been coated with MSC (Mister Super Clear – for those non-doll people who may have found your way here):

rheia face step 1

At this next point I’ve done several coats of light pink to warm up the face and lightly put in her eyebrows with pastel.  I’ve also put a warm yellow at the inside corners of her eyes and done the sides of the nose and in the ears.  You can see that I have begun to add color to her lips as well:

rheia face step 2

In the next picture I have added eye color, a bit of blush, and more lip color.  These things were built up slowly with light sprays of MSC in between to keep the pastels from looking dirty.

rheia face step 3

After a good coat of MSC I start on the acrylic.  I mix the color I want then add in retarder, and flow aid to get the right consistency.  Here I have done the eyebrows, eyelashes, dark liner at the top of the eye and light lines in the crease.  What you don’t see in this condensed version is how many times I tried to get the eyebrows right 🙂

rheia face step 4

I’ve done the lips lines here.  I don’t like real strong lines so after painting them on I go over them with another damp brush.  I like the depth that the lines give to the doll’s lips.  I also put a bit of watered down red in the corners of the eye.

rheia face step 5

My picture of the gloss didn’t come out so we skip ahead a bit.  I do at least three layers of gloss on the lips.  Gloss on the top inside of the eye and the bottom inside, as well as, the corners.  I also gloss a few eyelashes and eyebrow hairs.  As a last step I usually put in a few white eyelashes to brighten the eyes.

I added this picture in to show how I put in the eye lashes.  This is the method that works the best for me.  I soak the eyelashes for a just a bit in some Windsor and Newton brush cleaner, this gets off that gummy residue.  I then glue on the outside half first, holding the lash with a pin until it sticks before doing the other half.

rheia face step 6

Here’s the finished picture with some temporary eyes stuck in.  I’m happy with the outcome.  I was on a roll and completed this one in one night.  Typically it takes me several nights to finish a faceup especially when I have my day job to worry about as well.

rheia 3

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New dolls arrived (disapointment)

After checking the tracking this morning, I thought the dolls wouldn’t come until tomorrow but the box arrived today.  Unfortunately the minifee rheia has a crack in her breast piece 😦

Denver Doll Emporium was so good though.  Minutes after I had emailed them they got back to me to say that they would get me a replacement piece!  I love good customer service.

My plan was to share what I do with a new doll from cleaning to sueding to faceup and clothing.  Well that has kinda got messed up since I won’t bother taking her apart until the new piece comes in.  I can go ahead and show some though.

Today I started fixing the mohair wig.  After wetting the wig and wrapping the doll’s head in plastic, I curled sections of the hair around pipe cleaners.


It will take until tomorrow to dry and then I can start on her faceup.

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I got my shipping notice for the two dolls I ordered back in December.  Waiting this long has killed me.  While waiting I have purchased a couple things for their arrival.

These dresses were made by Honeythorpe.  She makes the cutest little dresses for pukifee and littlefee.

pukifee dresses

Here are some of the fabrics I got for a dress for my new minifee rheia.  The shoes I’ve had for a long time.

new fabrics and shoes

I was hoping the dolls would come before this week so I could do some sewing over spring break.  Maybe they’ll arrive on Saturday.

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pipos cheshire 3

This is the 3rd anthro doll I’ve done and I think its my favorite.  You can’t resist that smile.

I’ve added to my faceup thread on DOA that I will blush paws or manicure hands for free with a faceup commission.

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mnf lishe 1

I was finally able to finish the mnf lishe today.  This one is another reminder of how much I like white skin dolls.  I’m beginning to wish that I had ordered my rheia in white skin.  Minifee heads are really easy to paint.  The sculpts are high quality and the features are nicely shaped.

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