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Another faceup finished.

kdf cherry 1

I love how this one came out.  I’m a real fan of the lighter faceups and I like the look of the white eyebrows and lashes.  She heads home to her owner soon, I hope this face fits her character.

Up next is a Chocopuki Pipi:

chocopuki pipi before 1

He’s so cute!

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faceup progress

This weekend I’ve been working on the kid delf cherry commission.  I’ve got the blushing done on her.

kdf cherry 2

Her owner wants a very light faceup, almost ethereal.  She is kinda a ghost child.  She will have white eyebrows and lashes and just a bit of silver on her eyelids.

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all washed and ready for faceup

kdf cherry

Here is the new commission, Kid Delf Cherry.  This one’s cute.  She’s going to be all light with blues and silvers, she’s a bit of a ghost.

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New commission

I finished the three Lati heads today.

3 lati-1

They turned out so cute and so different from how they started.  Two of them arrived with very dark faceups and their owner wanted something soft and light.  I was happy that the previous faceups didn’t leave any stains.

 lati 1
lati 2
lati 3

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new commission

three lati yellows

These three Lati Yellows arrived from cpl628da yesterday.  They’re all cleaned up and ready for their new faceups.  I love working on dolls this size.  I think they are going to be cute!

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Here’s the latest faceup.  I had never seen in person a Bobobie before.  I wasn’t sure at first but I am so happy with the outcome.
bobobie ariel 4
bobobie ariel 6

Every faceup I do I go through a point where I’ve got the blushing done and I get real worried because its not coming out the way I imagined but then I push through and start the acrylic and it all turns out good.  Her coloring was done to go with yellow eyes and a red wig her owner has for her.

The wait continues for my minifee Rheia and pukifee Luna.  I was fine with the wait when I was still saving money to pay off the balance but now that I have it all its driving me crazy.  Of course they’re not even home yet and I’m already planning the next doll.

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