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IDEX 2010

Saturday I went to IDEX.  I got to see a ton of great dolls.  I was good and didn’t spend any money considering I have two dolls on the way.  Below are some of the pics I got.





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desk area

I’m spending tonight working on a commission.  I would have liked to be further along with this one but with the rainy weather earlier this week I didn’t want to chance spraying the MSC.

Blushing on dolls with tan skin takes so much longer to build up the color, sealing in between coats so everything stays nice and soft.  Here she is in a very preliminary state.

bobobie preview

I have more work to do around the eyes and in the ears and I think the cheeks need a bit more color.

Tomorrow I’m going to IDEX.  I missed it last year so I hope to post soon on all I see.

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New artwork.

chaos vs control

This is my first oil painting since college.  I had a box of the water soluble oil paints in school.  I think I got them free from a vendor at the art teacher’s conference two years ago.  So I finally broke them out to see how they worked.  I love working with them, all the benefits of the slow drying and ability to glaze with the convenience of soap and water clean up.

My paintings that I start in school tend to be based in thrown out materials.  The board was one that someone had spilled glue on and no one else wanted.  Embedded in the modeling paste are left over petals from old wedding decorations and strips of paper I found by the paper cutter (since no one but me cleans up there).

I started this one before Christmas break and I think I’m done.  This is rare for me.  I tend to start lots of things but never finish them.  All around my classroom are unfinished paintings.  I’m very happy with this one 🙂

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New commission and new gloss.

dollstown triste 012011-3

dollstown triste 012011-1

Here’s my latest commission.  She’s a Dollstown Triste.  I am so happy with how this one turned out.  The freckles came out just right.  Also I was able to buy a different type of gloss.  Before I was using Liqutex Gloss Medium but it was a bit thick and had to be watered down so I would apply multiple coats but then it tends to get sticky sometimes.  This time I used Liquitex High Gloss Varnish (its the one with the red label) its perfect.  It has the right consistency and only required two coats.  It also dried much faster than the gloss medium.  I was finally able to get the wet looking lips that I see in other’s faceups.

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favorite things

  1. left over christmas cookies from the freezer
  2. my new macbook pro
  3. wonderful student aides so I don’t have to make my own copies 🙂

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new look for Běla

This past weekend I worked on my littlefee bisou.  First she got a new faceup.
bisou 10111-2

I’m so happy with this one, her eyebrows are finally what they should be, and I really like her lips.

Then she got a new dress.
běla 010211-1

This was the first time I’ve sewn sleeves.  They are such a pain.

I think it suits her.

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new macbook pro

I came home from visiting my mom for Christmas, turned on my computer… and nothing, all I got was a gray screen and apple logo  it never went any further than that.  The next day I battled traffic, got to the apple store and waited an hour an half while the apple genius tried this and that to make my computer work.  Turns out the video card went bad, well the computer’s almost five years old so instead of repair I got a new one.

macbook pro 13 inch

The migration went fine and I am once again connected to the world.

macbook pro 13 inch

Of course now I’m not sure what to do with the old computer.  I might give it to my mom, she lives near a larger city and might have other repair options that wouldn’t cost so much.  Then she could have a newer computer (she currently is using a mac that’s over ten years old).

A nice thing about a laptop is I can bring it into school.  For the first time in two years I can show my students podcasts again (we are not allowed itunes on our computers at school.  They also don’t allow us to stream any video).

This is my favorite one to show Cool Hunting.  I show the art ones to my students.  I have to expand their world beyond Polk county.

Time for a nap…

macbook pro 13 inch

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