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Placed an order!

This morning I placed my order for a Pukifee Luna and Minifee Rheia.  I have regretted selling my rheia last year so now I get to buy her again.  My faceup skills have improved since then so I’m not sure what she’ll look like.  Here’s an old picture.

time to read

Now I have 6-8 weeks to wait (as estimated by Denver Doll) which is good, I’ll need that time to save up the rest of the money.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to stay up to see the lunar eclipse tonight.


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favorite things.

Inspired by Starla(dear) I am going to start my favorite things for the week.

Favorite things.

  1. Handmade cards – on Friday I received several handmade cards from my art students, these are the types of things I like to keep from year to year
  2. Shrimp Fried Rice – my AP art class had a party on Thursday and one student brought in shrimp fried rice, the homemade stuff not at all like the yucky take out.
  3. Glittery, Shiny ornaments – I got a whole bunch at Walmart and they have now become this years wreath for my front door.
  4. Rainy Mornings – sleeping in real late on Saturday as it rained all morning.

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Almost ready to order!

I should get my bonus in this next check and then I’ll be ready to order from Fairyland.  Now I was all set to order a ws Rheia and a ws Kyle (girl) but now I’m considering a pukifee instead of Kyle.  I just finished a pukifee faceplate commission.

pukifee 121410-4

I really like the size so I’m almost sure that I’m going to get a pukifee Luna to go with Rheia.


Now to decide, white skin or normal skin?

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I have a dog.

Aren't I sweet, don't I deserve a treat?

That means I come home to wiggly happiness every day.  He greets me every morning with that unconditional love and that look that says “you are the center of my universe” that only a dog can do.  He is the reason I have lost some weight, since he needs long walks to tire him out at least a little bit.  He is my four legged furry child.

But having a dog also can lead to over $800 spent at the vet in one month.  We are on our second prescription of antibiotics and now probiotics as well.  I’m hoping that this will work.

Of course all this means I may be putting off that doll purchase I have been planning 😦

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