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I’ve been busy…

So I have been neglecting my dolls lately. It started with trying to get something finished for the local gallery’s art teacher invitational show. I really wanted to enter one of my own dolls but the ceramics teacher at my school was not going to be able to fire it in time. Here are a couple of progress pictures:

There has been quite a bit of refinement since these were taken.  I really like working with the earthenware clay.  I tried using ladoll before but it drove me nuts.  I just have to finish her hands and feet and smooth her out and she’ll be ready to fire.

So since the doll would not be done in time I decided to enter a small art quilt I needed to finish:

only a doll

All the fabric pieces were painted using watercolors and fabric medium.  Some pieces were fused together others were sewn on.  Years ago my mother said that she could see me making art quilts.  Now this one is small (12×12) but I already have ideas for another.  This is how it all starts and leads me down a new path.


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