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More Dresses

I’ve gotten pretty comfortable making dresses for my minifee.  This first one is for sale on DOA and the second is for me.  I figured I’d been making several dresses for sale but nothing cute for my own doll.
field of flowers 2

fairyland girls 2

I also made a proper dress for my littlefee Běla.  I’m really happy with how it turned out but it was a pain in the neck, I won’t be making another one for a while.  I do like the look of light and white colored dresses on white skinned dolls.

beyla's new dress

Only two more weeks of school left, I can’t wait till summer.  My seniors left yesterday so at least it should be a quiet two weeks.  I’m hoping to have more time over the summer to sew some more and make some shoes as well.


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pukipuki faceup

This is Nissa (pukipuki madeline).  I decided on a purple color scheme for the blushing on her faceup and that led to her purple dress.  I like her new eyebrows, she doesn’t look so mean.


I made her wig following an online tutorial and I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

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She’s tiny!

I couldn’t resist – I bought a pukipuki off of DOA’s marketplace.  She’s a madeline and she shipped fast!  I got her on Friday and have already done a new faceup and made a wig and dress, but I’ll add those pictures in the next post.

shes so small

what are we going to name you?

puki addition to the family

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