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My first doll is here.

My DOC Leya arrived today.  I don’t have a name for her yet, hopefully that will come as I do her faceup and work on her clothes.  Here are some pics from the box opening.

leya box opening 3

leya box opening 5 This little one kept wanting to help.

leya box opening 7

Now she needs here glass eyes and mohair wig and she should look better.


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Shipping Notice!

My first doll has shipped.  I got the email from Dream of Doll the other day.  With any luck she should be here by the end of this week or next week!

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Second Faceup.

After posting pics from my first faceup on DOA and getting comments and suggestions, I tried again.

second faceup

I’m much happier with this one.  The blushing went well and even though she looks kinda tired I think I like that look.  I ended up taking an old small brush and trimming it so it was real thin.  That in addition to thinner paint  made it much easier to paint the creases, lip lines, and eye lashes.  Next time I need to work on getting the bottom lashes even on both sides and maybe making them match the eyebrows for a more natural look.  I’m hoping the lashes I ordered will work better than the human lashes I used on this one.

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First Faceup

While waiting for my DOC Leya and FL LTF Bisou to arrive, I purchased a Luts winter event head on the marketplace on DOA to practice faceups.  This was my first attempt:

I’m happy with the blushing, its hard to see in the pic but its a light green with pink.  I had trouble with the paint.  Half the problem is that I left my Golden paints at school so I had to use whatever old acrylics I had around the house, yuk.  Next time I’m going to do another layer of pastels to get the crease in the eyelid and around the eye.  Also I want to get the center of the lips with the pastels.  I need to work on the eyebrows as well.  But all in all ok for a first time.

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