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I have been spending way to much time on the computer lately.  I’ve been on the Den of Angels forum.  There is so much info and always a lot of new posts.  This always happens when I start a new hobby, I research it to death.


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Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

One evening I was looking on Etsy at the new listings and I came across these cool doll wigs.  The wigs were fine but I really liked the dolls they were on but I had never heard of Super Dolfie.  Well a little Google searching later and I found this whole other world that I never knew existed and I decided that I just had to have a BJD.  I ended up ordering from Dream of Doll.  I got Leya from the DOC line.

When making dolls my favorite part was painting the face and body and making the clothes and embellishments, so I got her with no face up.  She should arrive sometime in mid March.

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So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now.  I’m not much of a writer but I wanted a place to share my artwork and my new interest in asian ball jointed dolls.

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